Saskatoon Music Festival

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Volunteer with us!

Like any community organization, the Saskatoon Music Festival Committee is dependent on a generous volunteer force to ensure we're able to run our programs with success. 

No matter how much or how little time you have to give, there's a place for you with the Saskatoon Music Festival! 

Are you great at keeping papers organized and want an excuse to hear some great music? Giving 4 hours of your time to be an adjudicator's assistant can let you do both of those things! Our adjudicator assistants are responsible for sitting at the table with the adjudicator, passing them the paperwork they need, and calling students up to perform. You'll get to know the adjudicator you're working with, and you'll also get the best seat in the house to hear the music!

Do you love welcoming people and being the person with the answers? Our door stewards are an integral part of our festival venues! In your role as a door steward, you get to be the first face people see when they come to the festival. You'll accept entry donations and will answer questions about the venue layout. You'll have lots of time to chat with the people you're greeting, or to kick back with a good book while you monitor the table. This volunteer opportunity is typically about 2 hours per session. 

Here's the scenario: you love driving and meeting people. You would be perfect as the festival runner! As the festival runner, your primary responsibility will be to be available to gives rides to adjudicators back and forth between their accommodations and the festival venues. We may also call upon you to do a quick run for office supplies, or to pick up lunch for an adjudicator whose morning session is running late. This role is for the entire week of the general festival - April 27 to May 4. It may be perfect for you if you're a student in the awkward time between school and your summer job! Because we expect so much of your time, there is an honorarium associated with this volunteer position. 

Do you love getting to be where the action is? Consider serving on the Saskatoon Music Festival Committee. The Committee meets for our regular board meeting every two months, with our Annual General Meeting taking place every September. Just 6 meetings a year, and the opportunity to serve at the heart of the SMFC! Our committee members are responsible for allocating scholarships, coordinating volunteers, creating the schedule, reaching out to sponsors, and much more. If you're interested in being part of a fun and vibrant board, consider joining our committee. If you're on the fence and just want to check it out, you can do that too!

Want more information about volunteering with the Saskatoon Music Festival? Contact us today!