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Saskatoon Music Festival

Encouraging & Supporting Young Musicians since 1930

Become a Patron or Advertiser

Click HERE for information on becoming a Patron of the Saskatoon Music Festival.


There are many ways to contribute to the Saskatoon Music Festival.

Adjudicator Sponsorship for 1 day $500.00

Volunteer Parking $50.00

Printing of Season Passes $200.00

Program Printing - Naming Rights for Year $5000.00

Drivers for Adjudicators $1000.00

Hospitality Baskets for Adjudicators $200.00

Lunch for Adjudicators for 1 day $150.00

Coffee, Water & Snacks for Adjudicators $250.00

If there would be a specific discipline that you would like to sponsor for the Music Festival, we would also include naming rights for the year for that discipline and would print the program accordingly.