Saskatoon Music Festival

Encouraging & Supporting Young Musicians since 1930


There are many ways to contribute to the Saskatoon Music Festival.

Adjudicator Sponsorship for 1 day $500.00

Volunteer Parking $50.00

Printing of Season Passes $200.00

Program Printing - Naming Rights for Year $5000.00

Drivers for Adjudicators $1000.00

Hospitality Baskets for Adjudicators $200.00

Lunch for Adjudicators for 1 day $150.00

Coffee, Water & Snacks for Adjudicators $250.00

If there would be a specific discipline that you would like to sponsor for the Music Festival, we would also include naming rights for the year for that discipline and would print the program accordingly.

Become a Patron or Advertiser

Click HERE for information on becoming a Patron of the Saskatoon Music Festival.