Saskatoon Music Festival

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2022 Program

View our 2022 program/schedule here! This is an active document which will be updated as changes or cancellations come up.

Important Information about Masks and Venue Capacity

​For the Saskatoon Music Festival 2022, we will follow these rules and protocols in accordance with our valued partner, the Department of Music, University of Saskatchewan:

  1. Masks are mandatory for everyone at the University of Saskatchewan.
  2. A performer from any discipline may choose to unmask just before a performance, and then put the mask back on after returning to their seat.
  3. The Saskatoon Music Festival Committee will be limiting the total number of people in Convocation Hall to a maximum of 40. This is a USASK protocol because of the state of the ventilation system there. If you are performing in Convocation Hall, please keep the number of audience members attending with you to TWO People who will remain masked. These two individuals can be in addition to your teacher and accompanist.
  4. In all disciplines, please allow the people from the previous class/call time to exit the space before entering your performance venue.
  5. In addition to being held in person in Quance Theatre at the University of Saskatchewan, the final Kinsmen evening on Saturday, May 7th, will be livestreamed at Please tell your friends and family!
  6. All scholarships for 2022, other than the Kinsmen awards, will be available for pick up in the Festival office, Room 1004, Education Building before 5 pm on Saturday May 7th. The committee will make every effort to contact the scholarship winners as early during the week as is possible and prudent.

We are very grateful to have an in-person event this year and thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Thanks for registering!

Registration closed on January 22. If you missed the deadline this year, be sure to keep an eye out for registration information for the 2023 festival!


Waiver form for participation in 2022 Festival (Click here to open)

All participants (students, accompanists, adjudicators, etc) must fill out this waiver form in order to be part of the in-person festival this year.

You may either fill it out electronically and scan it to, or print it out and bring it with you to the Festival.

All performers may now participate in person!

Due to the removal of COVID protocols by the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association Board of Directors, and the lessening of COVID protocols by the University of Saskatchewan, the Saskatoon Music Festival Committee will now allow all registered students to participate and compete in the in-person festival. 

Unless we hear otherwise, our assumption is that all students will be participating in person. If you’d like to participate via video submission for adjudication only, please let us know. 

We’re looking forward to a great festival!

2022 Saskatoon Music Festival Dates

Bands - Monday, April 4 to Wednesday, April 6
Kiwanis Musical Theatre - Saturday, April 9 to Thursday, April 14
General - Sunday, May 1 to Saturday, May 7